ECIC – December 2017 Nacala Signing Ceremony

ECIC celebrated the signing of the direct agreement cementing the implementation of the Nacala Corridor Logistic Project on 30 November 2017, in Mozambique.


The Nacala Corridor Logistics project has brought together participants from various continents, such as South America (VALE), East Asia (JBIC, NEXI and Mitsui) and from the African continent (African Development Bank and the Export Credit Insurance Corporation of South Africa), in its construction, financing and management.

This collaboration amongst the private sector investors, public and private financing institutions and insurers as well as both the sovereign governments of Malawi and Mozambique, has been the catalyst in developing such a world class transport infrastructure for the citizens and economies of both countries.

On behalf of the ECIC General Counsel, Ntshengedzeni Maphula, who wishes to thank all the stakeholders that have been involved in the negotiation of the financing package; it has been a journey well-travelled and during which we were able to overcome many challenges towards achieving this great milestone.