TXF Africa – Eastern African Community bloc

TXF returned to Africa for the second year running in the Eastern African Community bloc, after a successful TXF conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2016. ECIC participated at the Addis Ababa conference through a sponsorship that provided value benefits for the corporation and further positioned the ECIC brand in international markets.

ECIC once again participated at the Trade and Export Finance (TXF) Africa 2017 conference in Kenya, Nairobi from the 29 – 30 March 2017.

This partnership with TXF Africa gave the corporation an opportunity to promote and position the ECIC brand to the international trade finance industry role players and capital project sponsors. ECIC Head of Business Development, Portia Gumbo-Dube participated in a panel discussion under the theme ECA Coverage and Strategy.

TXF Africa Nairobi is a gathering of more than 500 senior leaders from State Owned Enterprises, Corporate Borrowers, Developers, Exporters, Producers, Traders, Development Finance Institutions, Multilateral Financing Institutions, Export Credit Agencies, Financiers, Brokers, Insurers, Lawyers and more, this is the definitive Pan-African trade conference!

ECIC’s participation in TXF Africa 2017 also allowed an opportunity for the delegates to explore other networking platforms for the organisation.